Pure Tech Inc.

Chlorine Dioxide Specialist

Sanitation without pollution.


Meeting Your Sanitation Needs For 37 Years

Why choose Pure Tech Inc.? If you have bacteria problems we have your solution from deodorizing to biofilm removal. We want to ensure your product is as clean as possible while keeping the unique qualities you’ve worked so hard to develop. Chlorine dioxide attacks bacteria and rips it apart down to the core preventing it from mutating. What does that mean for you? Money savings! You use less but kill more, also you don’t need to rotate stabilized chlorine dioxide with another sanitizer because it never loses its effectiveness! We’ll help you find the easiest, most effective set up in a cost efficient manner. See how our knowledge and experience can benefit your business today.



Our goal is to find a sanitation program to suit your individual business needs while bringing you the latest technology in the industry.



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