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Seafood Processing Applications

Sanitizing hard food contact surfaces,  utensils, and machinery

Because of the concern for cross contamination in the processing plant, it is wise to make sure that the surfaces your product comes in contact with is thoroughly sanitized. Mycro99%K Supreme Blend® can do this. It is federally approved by the FDA to be used to sanitize any food contact surfaces and bring you a 99.999% kill.  

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Packing ice and Ice machines

Using Mycro99%K Supreme Blend® will clean and clear the water of contaminants, improving the taste, odor, and freshness of your products. By metering Mycro99%K Supreme Blend® into your ice, your machine will also stay free of microorganisms and biofilm that can contaminate the ice and your product. Using Mycro99%K Supreme Blend® in your ice machines and in any other ice will give you the assurance of passing along your product with the least amount of bio-film, odor and bacteria. Mycro99%K Supreme Blend® remain unaffected by freezing so that as the ice melts the bacteria that is present on your product will be killed, keeping your product fresher.

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Listeria is found in dirt outside and around your plant. Are your workers bringing it in every time they come to work? Studies have shown that out of 10 or more compounds tested, chlorine dioxide was the only one able to resist the neutralizing effect of organic matter from boots passing through.Mycro99%K Supreme Blend® are able to sanitize over a 7 hour period in footbaths. (Our recommendation is to change the footbath every 4 hours in accordance with the industry's standard.) 

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Brine water 

Brine water can be a carrier of many microorganisms and bacteria as shown by tests done (brine water test).  Mycro99%K Supreme Blend® and Keeper™are beneficial in controlling the growth of microorganisms and bacteria that tend to thrive in areas like brine water. When you use Mycro99%K Supreme Blend® or Keeper™, you help control the cross contamination in the water and the amount transferred to your product as it passes through (passing through test). Keeper® is approved by the FDA as a wash and rinse, among other things. (Documentation is needed for Mycro99%K Supreme Blend®.) By controlling bacteria and microorganisms on your product you also get the added benefit of an extended shelf life. 

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Floors, Walls and Ceilings

The treatment that completes the process is the fogging of the floors and walls with Mycro99%K Supreme Blend®. This ensures that any cross contamination moved around by splashing, spilling or any other way can be stopped. These products can be used in all other operations mentioned. Periodically, a full room fogging including the ceiling may be necessary. This will control the bacteria and microorganisms that often get missed and continue to get transferred throughout the plant.

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CIP sanitizing

Mycro99%K Supreme Blend® can be used as a sanitizer in the CIP system.Mycro99%K Supreme Blend® will thoroughly sanitize the equipment along with reducing scale and slime deposits in CIP systems and equipment. 

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Chill water systems, Cold rooms, Freeze tunnels, and Spirals

Mycro99%K Supreme Blend's® attribute of being less corrosive than other sanitizers makes it a good choice for sanitizing the expensive pieces of equipment that you have invested in and are essential to your business. It is effective against many types of microorganisms along with the stubborn ones that survive cold conditions such as Listeria and L. pneumophila.

Other areas where bacteria most often festers is in condensation pans and drip lines coming from overhead cooling systems and condensation.Mycro99%K Supreme Blend® has the ability to clear and dissolve the bacterial slime, called biofilm, reducing the bacterial load utilizing a small amount. Just compare chlorine dioxide with other products. Versatility Comparison of Product

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