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MycroSB Trial Kit


Mycro99%K Supreme Blend


Mycro99%K Supreme Blend« is a highly refined, 2% chlorite containing liquid product. It is not a simple solution of tech grade sodium chlorite, and is not manufactured the same way. Mycro99%K Supreme Blend« is not a simple dilution of tech grade sodium chlorite; it is manufactured from scratch using a unique process. This creates a product that is unlike simple chlorite solutions because the concentrations, pH and buffers are different. These three things are important factors in contributing to Mycro99%K Supreme Blends« superior activity upon activation. Mycro99%K Supreme Blend« is able to eliminate odors and bio-film. 


Mycro99%K Supreme Blend« is a versatile and effective sanitizer and antimicrobial rinse that can be used in many areas in the  AquaCulture, Commercial Fishing, and Seafood Processing industries.


Activation equipment for Mycro99%K Supreme Blend« is not like chlorine dioxide generators, even in principle. Because Mycro99%K Supreme Blend« was designed to be a surface disinfectant and sanitizer, it must produce huge microbial reductions in a very short time. Mycro99%K Supreme Blend« has certain mixtures of chlorite and free chlorine dioxide created from activation that enhance bacterial kills over low concentrations of pure chlorine dioxide.  Although higher concentrations of chlorine dioxide gas produce fast and significant bacterial kills, the outgasing characteristics of gaseous chlorine dioxide produced from generators prevent its use for these purposes. That is why Mycro99%K Supreme Blend« brings you the lower concentration and a high antimicrobial activity without the corrosion and outgasing problems of chlorine dioxide gas generators.


Pure Tech, Inc. will work with you to determine your specific needs for the type of operation you have. We can help you tailor a program that is easy and cost effective.


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