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Keeper Trial Kit
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Keeper™ is used as an antimicrobial rinse and can be used from the time seafood is caught till the time it is to be sold for consumption.  Keeper™ is effective against many types of bacteria and microorganisms and has no toxic byproducts. By using Keeper™ on the seafood, whether it is the whole fish, fillets, or shucked scallops, you are controlling microbial activity, contamination, and decomposition of your product. Keeper™ is able to resist neutralization by organic overload, making it useable with seawater if you're on a boat. 

Keeper™ is FDA approved for use in ice and water to rinse, thaw, wash, transport or store seafood. No rinse is required unless the product is intended for raw consumption.(21 CFR 173.325)

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